Seattle’s two city-wide council seats currently held by Teresa Mosqueda and Lorena Gonzalez are not up for election in 2019.The seven district seats are all up for election this year and four of them are open seats because the current incumbents are not running for re-election.A lot of people have filed to run for these 7 seats and more are piling on.The deadline for filing is May 17.

It is interesting that a number of police and police supporters are running; also students still in school, and more Socialists.Of course we also have the usual anti-density, anti-gentrification NIMBYs.My personal bias is for diversity of thinking on the council.It is good to have a lawyer, but one is enough.It is good to have a Socialist, but one is enough.An engineer, a scientist, a medical doctor, a policy wonk, a business owner, an architect, an historian – that’s the kind of diversity I would like to see on the city council.

Here is a preliminary evaluation of the known candidates at this time.“D” = qualifies for Democracy vouchers according to www.seattle.gov.  An asterisk  * means I gave a Democracy voucher to this one.

District 1 – West Seattle
Lisa Herbold.D*   Current incumbent.Is running for re-election.She worked for many years as Nick Licata’s legislative aide on the city council.She is sharp as a whip, knows all the ins and outs of public policy, and keenly focuses on West Seattle’s needs.She is the best candidate and best incumbent by a mile.

Jesse Green.D   Homeless as a child, now on State Advisory Council on Homelessness.Small business owner, working on his MBA.

Brendan Kolding.D   Former Seattle police lieutenant.Against safe injection sites, homeless camps, and increasing revenues.Very pro-police.

Phillip Tavel.D   Lawyer.Ran for city council in 2015.

Isaiah Willoughby.D   Nobody.No campaign, no website, no money.

District 2 – Southeast Seattle
Bruce Harrell.Current incumbent.Not running for re-election.

Tammy Morales.D*   Ran against Harrell in 2015 and lost by only 2 percentage points.Former staffer in Texas legislature.Clear, passionate speaker and strong on police accountability and racial equity.Advocates for practical housing solutions.

Ari Hoffman.Pro-police, law and order.Against safe consumption sites and wants a moratorium on bike lane projects.I met him.A lot of anger in him.

Christopher Peguero.D   City Light employee.Against homeless sweeps.

Matthew Perkins.Massage therapist.Against safe consumption sites, against head tax.

Phyllis Porter.D   Pro-bike and traffic safety.

Mark Solomon.D   Former Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, now Seattle Police crime prevention coordinator.Advocates for public safety, housing, and opportunities for youth.

Henry Dennison.Socialist Workers Party.

District 3 – Central District & Capitol Hill
Kshama Sawant.Current incumbent.Is running for re-election.Socialist Alternative with very active ground support.Advocates for rent control, minimum wages, and LGBT issues.Fights displacement of low income residents by landlords and developers.Pushes Socialist agenda rather than focusing on her district.

Pat Murakami.D   President of South Seattle Crime Prevention council.Anti-density.

Logan Bowers.D   Software engineer, now runs cannabis shop.Likes his electric scooter.Lots of housing and zoning ideas.

Asukaa Jaxx.Advocate for intersex people.Not qualified.

Amy Nguyen.D   Public defender.Very new to Seattle, lacks local knowledge.

District 4 – U District & Wallingford
Rob Johnson.Current incumbent.Not running for re-election.

Alex Pedersen.D   Former aide to councilmember Tim Burgess, he knows City Hall.Earned Master of Government Administration from Pennsylvania University, volunteers for Youth Care.Crafted Seattle Preschool program adopted by voters in 2014.Huge list of important endorsements.

Joshua Newman.D   Boeing engineer.President of Maple Leaf council.Wants more transit, more sidewalks, and completing the bike master plan.

Shaun Scott.D   Socialist organizer.

Ethan Hunter.Seattle Central student.

Emily Myers.D   UW student.

Sasha Anderson.D   Advocate for renters and renter herself, with two Masters Degrees. mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters program.Proud member of LGBTQIA community.

Able Pachero.D   Ran for city council in 2015.Non-profit leader, renter, car-free.STEM advocate.

District 5 – North Seattle
Debora Juarez.D   Current incumbent.Is running for re-election.Lawyer.Pushed for North Seattle Police “Bunker” which was strongly opposed by Black Lives Matter and local voters.

John Lombard.D*   Consultant, environmentalist, long time resident and activist in district 5.He has clear, thoughtful plans for improvement of Aurora & Bitter Lake neighborhoods, as well as Lake City.

Ann Sattler.Lawyer.Wants to enforce trash pickup.

Alex Tsimerman.No. 1 asshole crackpot.Raves about fascism, he is kicked out of public assemblies and thoroughly disliked by everybody – deservedly.

District 6 – Ballard & Crown Hill
Mike O’Brien.Current incumbent.Not running for re-election.

John Lisbin.D   Ran for city council in 2015.Former owner of advertising business.A facts and figures guy working by the numbers.

Dan Strauss.D   Advisor to Sally Bagshaw (see below).Not much of a platform except gun violence prevention.

Daniel Jay Fathi.D*   Medical doctor.Worked 45th street clinic, taught at UW Medical School, supported ACA heath care mandates, and received Advocate Award from the Immunization Action Coalition.Has many endorsements.

Kate Martin.D   Landscape planner.Repeat failed candidate, anti-density.Claims homeless people are moving to Seattle because of lax policing here.Quoted:“I ain’t no HALA crack girl.”

Kelle Gaddis.D   Writer.No information.

Louis Joey Massa II.D   No information.

Sergio Garcia.D   Police officer.

District 7 – Magnolia, Queen Anne, & Downtown
Sally Bagshaw.Current incumbent.Not running for re-election.

Naveed Jamali.Former FBI undercover agent, Naval intelligence officer, facts and figures guy.New to Seattle.

Michael George.D   Project manager for transit oriented development at real estate firm.Pro-density.Lives downtown.Consults with Sound Transit.

Isabelle Kerner.D   Artist.

Andrew Lewis.D   Prosecutor.Campaign manager for Nick Licata,Union member.Huge endorsement list.Lots of contributions.

Daniela Eng.D   No experience.

Jim Pugel.D   Former police captain.I worked with Jim in the 1990’s.He reached out to neighbors and promoted proactive community policing.However, his 1986 video mocking the homeless will sink his candidacy.

Elizabeth Campbell.NIMBY.Fought against homeless housing at Ft. Lawton.Fought against soda tax.Numerous lawsuits.

Jason Williams.D   Former forklift driver now works at Microsoft.He is burdened by student loans.


Seattle School board #4 – Whatever

The Seattle School board and administration is so dysfunctional that I cannot seriously support anyone.  My friend Don Glickstein proposes that the mayor be accountable for schools and I agree

Seattle School board #5 –

Same reasons as