Seattle City Council races  2019

The Seattle City Council is staged for a major overhaul.There are 9 seats on the council, 2 are citywide and 7 are by district.Four of the 7 district incumbents are not running for reelection.A large number of candidates have stepped up to vie for the empty seats or challenge the remaining incumbents.Here is the story:


Democracy vouchers have been mailed to voters.You may use all of them for one candidate or split them up any way you want.Of course you may make donations to candidates above and beyond your vouchers.Also volunteering for a campaign is a lot of fun and you meet some great people.Besides, nobody loves you like a candidate in heat!If they win, they always answer your emails.

Janice Van Cleve
37th District Area 15 Captain
PCO 37/1875

"It used to take a village, now it takes an independent prosecutor."


Seattle School board #4 – Whatever

The Seattle School board and administration is so dysfunctional that I cannot seriously support anyone.  My friend Don Glickstein proposes that the mayor be accountable for schools and I agree

Seattle School board #5 –

Same reasons as